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The focus of these resources is on career women and some of the links are to programs or opportunities created exclusively for women. These resources are reviewed and updated by a moderator on a regular basis and we welcome your Resource Recommendations for consideration.

Recommended Content

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These Mentorship Resources are links to sites that we do not maintain and we are not responsible for their content. Clicking on the link will open a separate window.

A Women's Nation 
Description: Women now make up virtually half the U.S. work force. “The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything” examines how our culture has responded to this, one of the greatest social transformations of our time.
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Army Mentorship Handbook (2005) - PDF Document 
Description: Provides a very thorough examination of mentorship rules and responsibilities for Army men and women.

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Bizwomen Journal 
Description: an online resource for women business executives and entrepreneurs, is a service from
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Blooming Betty Career Pages 
Description: Blog by two women Lori Miller Pike and Sue Van Der Hout, "Betty is the voice of women who share the dream of feeling successful. She believes in the “you” that you want to be; empowering you to stake your claim to life success as you personally define it. She is your online mentor for finding and holding onto your truest self. She is smart, listens hard and has a hand to your back – not to push, but to help you hold steady to what matters most."
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Bust Magazine 
Description: Bust provides an uncensored view on the female experience.

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Executive Women section of the Sydney Morning Herald 
Description: News stories targeted for career women and generally relevant to most women but localized to Australia.
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Forbes Woman 
Description: New financial news site for women from Forbes Magazine.

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History Between the Lines, Women?s Lives and Saranac Lake Customs 
Description: Authored by Caperton Tissot, edited by Willem Tissot and published by Graphics North, this book traces Saranac Lake’s spirit of goodwill from mid-nineteenth century to the present. Sixteen individual stories, based on interviews, illustrate the important role women play in carrying on traditions that define the unusual character of a small mountain village.
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Huff Post - Women's Career and Money 
Description: Huffington Post - Women's Career and Money section
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Marie Claire Money and Career Blog 
Description: Mostly lighthearted topics from the magazine Marie Claire.

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