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The focus of these resources is on career women and some of the links are to programs or opportunities created exclusively for women. These resources are reviewed and updated by a moderator on a regular basis and we welcome your Resource Recommendations for consideration.

Mentorship Articles

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Fast Company: Women's Ways Of Mentoring  
Description: Call it "wo-mentoring"-- a new approach that's more about commitment and learning than about chemistry and power. And, by the way, it also works for men. By Cheryl Dahle
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Dina Kaplan on Mentoring the Next Generation 
Description: Forbes Leadership -Leslie Bradshaw, Contributor Leslie is the President, COO and Co-Founder of JESS3. 3/09/2012 @ 11:30AM |446 views /09/2012 @ 11:30AM
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Meet Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook's Highest-Paid Employee 
Description: By Claudine Zap | Work + Money on "Sandberg, who's second in command at Facebook, is often not just the grownup in the room, but also the only woman, which she finds mind-boggling. As she told an audience at TED in Washington, D.C., "One hundred and ninety heads of state; nine are women. Of all the people in parliament in the world, 13% are women. In the corporate sector, women at the top, C-level jobs, board seats, tops out at 15-16%. The numbers have not moved since 2002 and are going in the wrong direction."
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Wall Street says women worth less as disparity widens  
Description: By Dawn Kopecki - Oct 5, 2010,
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We need a new definition of career success 
Description: Article from the Deborah Singerman, January 11, 2011, The Sydney Morning Herald "We need to get radical when it comes to measuring a woman's success in the workplace. "
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Dragons Show Way out of Jail 
Description: UK NEWS, Inspired by Dragons’ Den, an initiative for former female convicts has seen a high success. Sunday December 19,2010, By Tracey Boles
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Smiling at the top of Delta Dental 
Description: Boston Business Journal, Monday, December 13, 2010, By JULIE M. DONNELLY
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Focus efforts to keep women from leaving technology jobs 
Description: Corner office - By Maxine Ballen Summer Olstad: Monday, December 13, 2010 -
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'Business was always ... my passion' 
Description: Honoured: Fredericton native Rhona Levine Ruben named one of Canada's most powerful women by executive group - New Brunswick Business Journal
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Women: We Are Still The Out Crowd 
Description: From The Huffington Post By Leslie Grossman, Author, Women's Advocate and Marketing Expert, October 19, 2009
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