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Why Join The Mentorship Network for Women?

FREE Membership - You don't have to pay a thing to use the features or applications and your contact information will not be shared without your permission. Our sponsors want to empower women and we hope this site helps you "Build CONFIDENCE, earn RESPECT, achieve SUCCESS."

For Women Only - This site is for adult women to share alliances and dreams. There are no men around to post negative comments about what your plans are or why you want to achieve them.

Mentor, Mentee, or Member - Sign up to the Network and browse around. When you're ready, list yourself as a Mentee or Mentor Candidate at any time. You don't have to be a Candidate to network with other members. Find other members in your Career Focus Area using the Alliance Assistant.

Designed For All Women - With 26 Career Focus Areas, this site isn't just about being the top executive like most mentorship sites, it allows you to network with other women in your chosen career. Mentorship resources, alliances, and folio entries are linked through these Career Focus Areas.

Exclusive Mentoring System - The Mentorship System was designed to advance career women and allows members to track mentorship opportunities, resources, and alliances using a matrix of 10 distinct Mentorship Focus Areas and 26 Career Focus Areas. Instead of saying "I need a Mentor", now you can post details about your Dream Mentor including selecting up to three different Mentorship Focus Areas and defining how often and how you want to set up the alliance by phone, email, or in person.

Snapshot Profile - With the Snapshot profile, you can enter as much or as little information about yourself as you would like. There is no need for reentering information you already entered somewhere else. Once you sign in the Mentorship Network, you can add links to LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Twitter®, and others profiles you may have already filled out on the web.

NEW! Comprehensive Goal Tracking Tool - Track Goals and Achievements in detail, not just a to do list. A comprehensive tracking application for your goals and achievements including resources required and an area to detail how you plan to accomplish your goal. Decide to share these goals and achievements with other members or just keep them private for your own review.

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