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The Mentorship System
A career tracking tool and guide for women, the Mentorship System features a proprietary set of 10 Mentorship Focus Areas and 26 Career Focus Areas to identify mentorship needs and find opportunities quickly and easily.

You can use the Focus Areas to identify your goals and achievements and find alliances with similar interests and experiences.

Mentorship Focus Areas: The 10 Mentorship Focus Areas were developed to assist women with identifying areas for improvement in their careers. Focused entirely on the working woman, these Mentorship Focus Areas cover the full spectrum of career advisory services from experience and education to relationships and personal issues that can impact job success. Find an alliance, search mentorship resources, or browse goals and achievements using the Mentorship Focus Areas.

Career Focus Areas: The Career Focus Areas are all-inclusive to ensure every occupation is represented. Though some Career Focus Areas are aligned with specific industries such as Utilities and Mining, others are more closely associated with the work involved such as Child and Home Care. The goal of these Career Focus Areas is to assist members with finding advice within a specific career path. Browse resources, find an alliance or search goals and achievements by Career Focus Areas.

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